Laurent Paoli

Partner notary since 2010

Joined the Rochelois Office in 2007, appointed as a notary in 2009 and then as a partner in 2010, Laurent Paoli has been head of the Promotion and Construction department since 2017.

Having devoted all his activity to Promotion and Construction since his arrival at the Office, he contributed to the development of this team, which was set up under the leadership of Chantal Benoit. In addition to the personal monitoring of the most complex files, he coordinates the activity within the department, and is part of the team dedicated to any new file and ensures the controlled development of the department’s clientele with the assistance of Yvette Rault-Pires, Michaël Adam and Benjamin Lauter.


  • Graduate of the Université Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne, holder of the Higher Diploma of Notary Studies.